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Guess what? Vacuuming is NOT carpet cleaning!


Like most people you probably vacuum your carpets reasonably regularly – but did you know that even if you vacuum once, twice or four times a month your carpets aren't spotless unless you call in a professional carpet cleaning service?


That’s the verdict of carpet companies, which won’t honour your warranty unless you get a steam clean every twelve to eighteen months. In fact, getting a professional in is the only legal way to protect your carpets because your run of the mill vacuuming will only lift the surface debris.


Dust, pet dander, and dust mite colonies can build up fast. Dust mite microbes thrive in deep carpet debris, living on a steady diet of dead human skin cells and instigating allergic symptoms such as itching, sneezing and asthma.


To completely jettison the dirt, dust mites, pet hair and other determined nasties that burrow their way further down into your carpet’s fibres, you’ll need something a bit more industrial strength.


Calling in regular carpet cleaning services is far better for you and your family’s health, too – particularly if you have a family member or friend who suffers from allergies. That’s because your average indoor air quality can be ten times unhealthier than the air outdoors – especially if you don’t get natural breezes into your home on a regular basis, such as in apartment buildings.


We spend a considerable proportion of our lives in our homes – somewhere between fifty per cent and ninety per cent – so it's no surprise we can be severely affected by harmful pollutants that thrive in furniture, drapes, carpets and other places around the house.


And, if you’re not professionally steaming cleaning your flooring, drapes and upholstery you could be locking yourself in with a whole lot of harmful chemicals and allergens. Steam is the only way to effectively lift the dust that gets trapped deep within your carpets, which, if left to build up will wear out the fibres faster (meaning you'll need to replace your carpets sooner).


Steaming carpets yourself won’t get the job done, either. Only professional machines can remove all the moisture caused by steaming without the use of harmful chemicals. Home steaming efforts often leave patches of moisture beneath the carpet that are a prime incubator for toxic mould that can seriously compromise your health by causing rhinitis (sinus infection), cough, allergies and asthma.

They can also cause foul odours to permeate your home and rot your carpet from below – again compromising your significant investment.


So, how often should you call in the professionals? For laid carpet, most experts agree booking a carpet cleaning services every six months (remember, this doesn't apply to area rugs), but if you've got pets, you'll want to do it every four to six weeks. 


Between steam cleans you should be vacuuming carpets every week – more often in high traffic areas and if you have pets. Area rugs can be taken outside, beaten with a broom and aired every six months, although you can also have them steamed if you wish.


Looking for professional carpet cleaning? Give us a call! We’ll help you get your carpets clean, healthy and ship shape in no time.